About us

FangQu Network was founded in Shanghai in 2015 by Mr. Fang Shien, a famous veteran in the game industry, and was nominated as the top ten best game entrepreneurship employers of the year in 2016. The leader, Fang Shien, has served as senior executives of many well-known companies and has 16 years of experience in game development and operation. He has operated many popular games and has rich experience in game distribution and operation.

FangQu Network is now mainly engaged in game distribution. With the goal of becoming a first-class Internet company and adhering to the concept of "Distribute interesting games and do interesting things", the company gives priority to game distribution, and its business is not limited to game development, IP operation and pan-entertainment.

Our Team

The core team of FangQu Network comes from multinational enterprises. With long-term actual operation and rich global business experience, we have made such extraordinary achievements. Our strength comes from a complete and comprehensive distribution of marketing teams, working with thousands of media and NCPI. With powerful marketing impetus, our team is good at long-term operation and can effectively maintain the long-term profitability of products.